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Who Can Marry You? Choose the right officiant!!!

Who Can Marry You? Choose the right officiant!!!

You said yes to marrying your friends. Selecting your wedding officiant is an important decision as the choice will have a huge influence on the tone of the ceremony. You’ll want to make sure that you find someone who is willing to perform the kind of ceremony you are envisioning, or who has a style and belief system like your own. If you want to make it legal, you’ll need to make sure that they are legally able to marry you in your state.

Religious Officiant for Your Wedding

If you desire a religious wedding and have a house of worship, your choice is relatively straightforward. It is still best to meet with that person to discuss the details of the ceremony and You might attend some premarital counseling.

Secular Officiant for Your Wedding

You have a few different options if you want to find an officiant for a secular wedding. A justice of the peace, officiant at city hall, or even a friend or relative can perform your wedding ceremony.

A Justice of the Peace

Contact the county clerk’s office where you will get your marriage license. They should have a list of local Justices of the Peace who are willing to perform wedding ceremonies.

At City Hall

Finding the person to marry you at a city hall is typically easy. You’ll need to make an appointment and be willing to be married speedily—no long-drawn-out sermons here. Call your local city hall and they’ll tell you everything you need to know.

A Friend or Relative

This is fast becoming a popular option as couples looking for a more personal element in their ceremony. Before you choose this option, check with your county clerk’s office or Secretary of State’s office to make sure that it is recognized in your state.

Make sure that the person you are choosing understands the seriousness of the task you are giving them. You won’t want a friend making inappropriate jokes at one of the most important moments of your life.

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