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New Year’s resolutions ideal for newly engaged couples

Make a to-do list for your wedding

Congratulations, you got the ring! After all the celebrations that come with it, you have to start with all the wedding preparations. The best way to do this is to make a to-do list, set deadlines and stay on track. Add things like the time to choose the venue, the suppliers and even the date to go and try on wedding dresses. Making a well-structured, planned and organized schedule will be the key to success.

2. Create an inspiration board
This is one of our favorite parts and without a doubt, it is one of the most useful for all those couples who are planning their wedding. Many brides have long dreamed of their day but when it comes to choosing a theme it is sometimes difficult to focus on one idea. The best way to capture all these ideas is to make a mood board or inspiration board. A mood board is basically a collage of images that will help you physically visualize these ideas that you have in your head and will serve as a starting point to make your wedding cohesive.

We advise you to first choose a general idea and from there everything revolves around that. On your board you can include images of the dress, flowers, decoration, location, bridesmaids, color palette, textures, silhouettes… and everything that will help you get inspired. The most important thing is that it looks very harmonious. We assure you that this is the best way to make your vision come true.

3. Take some time to start looking for wedding vendors
These couple’s days are ideal to take the time to do what the rest of the year can be a little more difficult, so take advantage of them to start looking at those potential wedding vendors that you think will be able to make your wedding vision a reality. Once you have your inspiration board ready you can start asking around for recommendations and dive into Instagram searching through hashtags and wedding blog directories.

4. Don’t stress more than necessary and enjoy this stage.

This last couple of years have been difficult for almost everyone, so don’t let your wedding planning create even more stress than necessary this 2022. Once you’ve spent time enjoying the bliss of your engagement, it’s time to start planning for the big day. If you let your wedding planning get the best of you, this stage can become very fun and enjoyable. You can free yourself from a little bit of pending and stress by hiring a wedding planner and take care of each task one day at a time. Remember that it is not worth stressing over small details, because in the end all these things will be unimportant on the day of the wedding.

When the planning becomes overwhelming, it’s easy to forget how special this process is. If you and your partner feel bogged down in the details and family drama, give yourselves a break by distracting yourselves with other things. Don’t forget to admire your ring and praise your fiancé or fiancée for being a fabulous person.

5. Look for tools to make planning easier.
It’s normal for brides and couples to feel overwhelmed when planning their wedding, as it’s something they’ve never done before and extra help will always come in handy. Having a step-by-step Guide that advises you on what to do at each stage, with practical tools and tips for choosing your vendors can make this process much easier while saving time and stress.

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