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Wedding trends for 2022

Wedding decorations in 2022

The decoration for weddings in 2022 will seek to convey the comfort of a lounge room and the freshness of nature. By reading each trend in detail, you will discover how you can create a wedding that will go viral thanks to its design.

Weddings with a country setting

Cozy gardens will be the favorite settings for weddings in 2022. Cottagecore aesthetics and visual compositions inspired by series like Bridgerton and Outlander have made couples appreciate outdoor spaces as perfect locations for romance. Magnificent floral decorations, velvet seating arrangements, golden ornaments and trees integrated into the ceremony arches will be some of the details that will be seen in many weddings. Chic outfits in a country setting will be perfect for the trendiest photos.

Furnishings with natural elements

Rustic and comfortable, this will be the furniture for weddings next year. Macramé tassel chandeliers, wishbone chairs and plush seating in neutral tones already appeared in 2021 and will prevail in 2022. In addition to natural fabrics, such as rattan and burlap, wood will be used in everything from benches to ring boxes. Wicker, linen, hemp and cotton will be used to give weddings fresh textures with vintage and cosy touches.

Dried and seasonal flowers

For the past few seasons, dried flowers have been a hit in wedding decorations because they allow to reduce the polluting footprint of weddings. Preserved flowers and seasonal greenery are also sustainable, which is why many couples prefer them for their B-day.

Wedding brunch

Another alternative that couples have found to celebrate their weddings in times of uncertainty has been the brunch or lunch. It is an option that leaves a lot of room for creativity in the menu: barbecue, quesadillas, donuts, mimosas and other typical restaurant brunch dishes can be served freely. This type of menu is also convenient if you are having more than one party with not so close groups, such as coworkers: the lunch can be held before or after the big party.

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