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Wedding dresses 2022 Part I

1. Lightweight fabrics and cool cuts

Dresses made with ethereal and light fabrics will be a favorite for brides who prefer comfortable and simple designs. Soft tulles, cotton chiffon and exquisite lace will be some of the most used fabrics in this style. Fresh necklines, such as the halter neck, square neckline and sweetheart neckline will be used to allow the bride’s skin to breathe. These styles are perfect for garden weddings with relaxed and casual etiquette.

Back to the classics: white, sober and elegant.

For weddings on terraces and gazebos, as well as cocktail parties and formal formal formal wear, brides will prefer a clean and sophisticated style. For this reason, classic white dresses will be a trend among brides in 2022. Although minimalism will still be present in most of the collections, they will be ornamented with applications and details that will elevate them to haute couture and luxury fashion. Large volumes and shimmering fabrics will dazzle at the most spectacular weddings.

3. Uncovered shoulders for romantic wedding dresses

Romantic off-the-shoulder dresses have been very popular in recent years, becoming a favorite of Mexican brides. Many firms have anticipated that, in 2022, this romantic neckline will be one of the main trends. This neckline can be combined with many types of necklines and also with many other trends on the list. They are delicate and add a subtle touch of sensuality to the tops, making them very versatile.

4. Ivory and off-white: wedding dresses with touches of color.

Although white will be the most trendy color in bridal fashion in 2022, touches of color will not be completely discarded from the ranks of the major brands. Ivory dresses with flowers embroidered in white contrasts are romantic and very glamorous, so they will be chosen by the most chic brides. The off-white trend will also be seen on many catwalks: white is combined with grays and beiges to highlight its presence and compose a minimalist and deep design. Subtle colors of blue and fiery pinks will be the most daring offerings next year, so be sure to visit the wedding dresses catalog to find out which brands will be coloring wedding dresses in 2022.

5. Glamorous appliqués: feathers, bows and 3D effects

Wedding dresses in 2022 will be very glamorous, as this year’s parties will be spectacular, to compensate for the limitations in celebrations of the past two years. Therefore, many dresses will include dynamic applications full of movement. Big bows, three-dimensional applications with floral and butterfly motifs, feathers, skirts with pockets and sleeves with ruffles will be part of the magic of the bridal outfits. To a lesser extent, but definitely in force, you will be able to admire corset-style designs and also tops with rhinestones and nostalgic pearls.

6. Pants and jumpsuits: outfits for original brides

Pantsuits and jumpsuits continue to be the favorite choice for brides who want to wear an authentic and comfortable outfit, and will continue to appear in many collections. Tops with glitter and rompers with semi-transparent skirts will be incorporated. In addition, these models can be combined with overskirts to transform outfits easily. Pantsuits and jumpsuits are very appropriate options for civil weddings and winter parties.

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