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Wedding dresses 2022 Part II

7. Wedding dresses with leading sleeves

Sheer or semitransparent, long sleeves with glitter and appliqués or short sleeves made with volatile ruffles are some of the designs that brands are proposing for 2022. Many designs follow straight lines that shape the shoulders and neckline, while some dresses combine swan necks with softer styles. Removable sleeves are still present in many collections, so you can take advantage of them to transform your dress as many times as you want.

8. Wedding dresses with voluminous skirts

Wide and with spectacular volumes, this is how the most romantic skirts will be next year. Many firms focus on creating dresses with magical textures, adding brocade or floral appliqués to the designs, while others concentrate on movement, creating skirts with several layers or starched textiles. Midi dresses and especially short, voluminous wedding dresses will also be trending, especially for brides who will have a change for prom.

9. Eco-friendly wedding dresses: socially responsible fashion is present.

Many brands have embarked on a mission to make wedding dresses that are environmentally friendly and use ethical production methods. Recycled fabrics, local garment workshops and biodegradable elements are some of the measures that brands such as Pronovias, Jesús Peiró and Nicole have implemented. The firms guarantee that the dresses will not only reduce their environmental footprint, but that they will preserve the quality of their materials and that the designs will maintain an impeccable aesthetic.

10. Cut outs and slits: wedding dresses with a touch of sensuality.

In the last couple of years, thanks to intimate and comfortable weddings, brides have felt the confidence to wear dresses with sensual and very fresh touches. Deep slits in the skirts and cut outs in the top are the most popular details: sides, backs and waists show off these designs guaranteeing looks full of details. Transparencies on sleeves, necklines and backs, as well as deep necklines are part of this trend.

What 2022 wedding dress trend do you wish was here to stay? This year’s dresses offer options for all types of weddings: elegant indoor parties, chic garden celebrations and sophisticated terrace weddings. No bride will be left without being the most authentic at her wedding.

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