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A wedding is among the most important days in someone’s life. When a couple is engaged, they cannot help spend all their free time thinking about their perfect day. These thoughts centers on the perfect wedding location. Since wonderful memories have to be made, everything should be planned down to the tiniest details. The wedding location is naturally at the center of it all. Everything about the wedding, including the look, feel and tone depends on the location.

The main point of a wedding is to start the marriage with the power of everything loving and positive. Weddings are joyful events and should guests not be happy, it can negatively impact the positive feeling in the air. There is no denying that the perfect wedding location goes a long way in ensuring that all the guests arrive and leave happy. Eventually, it will be a wonderful occasion for everyone.

Picking your wedding venue is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make during the entire planning process. After all, it’s where you’ll celebrate your wedding with friends and family and relish in these memories for life.

Make sure the space is large enough to accommodate the number of people on your guest list. You want the venue to be able to accommodated your ceremony and reception on the same places, so your guess doesn’t have to drive around town.

There should be logical places within the venue where guests can eat, drink, mingle like a cocktail area.

Ask about bridal cottage, you need space to get-ready.

Make sure the site has a large parking (and Safe) to park.

Checking out the venue’s restrooms is an absolute must.

Double check date and time frame of your reception is usually about four hours, but it can be longer if it includes the ceremony.

Detailed description of your reception space to be used. Make sure that you’re completely aware of what you’re purchasing and what will cost extra.

Figure Out Who’s Contributing, Perhaps it’s just you and your fiancé. Or maybe your parents or other family members want to chip in.

Estimate Your Guest Count, The number of guests in attendance will determine not only the size of your venue, but also how much food and alcohol you’ll have to provide

Start putting aside some savings as soon as you get engaged.

To start you can stock the bar yourself! This is actually a great solution for cutting down costs on the reception. Just throw a “Stock the Bar” part with your friends beforehand and everyone can chip in on the fun for when the big day rolls around.

One way to shrink your catering costs is to have food served buffet-style, with guests helping themselves to food instead of being served sit-down style by wait staff.

Skip the favors your guests probably won’t mind that you didn’t spend your money on little favors for everyone. After all, they’re showing up for you, not for free goodies.

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